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Game Art - 3D Animation - VFX

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Take your concept art skills to the next level and get ready to work in the game and film industry.

How does it work ?

Our two-year Concept Art program is conducted in English and led by top industry professionals. The tuition fee stands at €15,000 per academic year. Classes start in September and end in May each year in Paris.

Application is closed - Open in October 2024

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STEP 1 PORTFOLIO REVIEW - Deadline February 29, 2024

Submit your online portfolio for our review, please link to your Artstation profile. We will assess your design and fundamentals and inform you whether your portfolio has been approved. At this stage, we are specifically seeking portfolios that showcase environment and character design artwork, studies are always enlightening to examine, but their value is diminished if not applied to one’s own design work. All portfolios must be sent before the end of February.
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STEP 2 ART TEST : THE BRIEF - Deadline March 22, 2024

You will be assigned a specific brief and can undertake the art test anytime as long as long as it's completed before March 22. The Art test takes two weeks to complete. The required deliverables include a prop design, an environment design, and a character design.
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STEP 3 INTERVIEW - End of March, 2024

If selected, a final interview will be conducted in English, either in Paris or via a virtual meeting platform, at the end of March 2024. During this interview, we will be assessing your drive, positive mindset, and team spirit.

If you’d like to apply for the New3dge Concept Art program, please fill in the application form below so our team can review your portfolio. We will get in contact with you if it is approved.

Application is closed - Open in October 2024

Frequently asked questions

Are the courses delivered in-person or through video conferencing?All courses within our two-year Concept Art program are conducted in-person at our New3dge campus located in Paris. Some sessions, such as feedback sessions, may be conducted online; however, our students are required to attend these sessions in person at the school.

Will the individuals mentioned on your website be our instructors?

Absolutely. Every person listed on our website has taught in our school. The educators may vary for the current and upcoming years, as we continually strive to enhance the program and secure the finest educators based on their availability.

What does a typical class schedule look like?

A typical school week comprises 35 hours of instructional time, with classes running from 9am to 5pm daily, including a one-hour lunch break.

Is it possible to enroll in only the first year of the program?

No, enrollment is only available for the full two-year program. We believe in ensuring the highest success rates for our students and providing a comprehensive education in concept art, which necessitates the completion of the entire two-year curriculum. To secure a spot among the 25 selected students, a commitment to a two-year contract is required.