We are delighted to announce a newly structured recruitment process for prospective candidates. This process aims to identify and foster the most creative and innovative talents. The main shift in our recruitment approach is the synchronized and consolidated timeline, allowing all candidates to receive their art test results simultaneously in March 2024.

Step 1: Portfolio Review – Deadline April 30th

All interested candidates are requested to submit their portfolios online using Artstation for review. Our team will meticulously assess your design and fundamentals, focusing mainly on environment and character design artwork. We highly value portfolios that not only showcase meticulous studies but also demonstrate their practical application in original design work.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Link your Artstation for Portfolio Submission
  • Include both environment and character design artwork
  • Showcase the application of studies in original designs.

Step 2: Art Test – The Brief – Deadline March 22th

Candidates whose portfolios are approved will be assigned a specific brief. The art test can be undertaken anytime from October 2023 to February 2024, and have to be completed before March 22. Candidates will have two weeks to complete it once started. This stage is crucial as it allows us to evaluate your ability to adhere to deadlines and maintain high-quality work.

Art Test Requirements:

  • Prop Design
  • Environment Design
  • Character Design

Step 3: Interview – End of March

Candidates who successfully pass the art test will be invited for a final interview, to be conducted in English. The interview can be attended either in Paris or via a virtual meeting platform and will take place at the end of March 2024. During this final stage, we will assess your motivation, positivity, and ability to work effectively within a team.

Interview Focus Areas:

  • Drive and Motivation
  • Positive Mindset
  • Team Spirit

Final Note:

New3dge is revered for nurturing the most innovative minds in concept art, and our refined recruitment process is designed to identify candidates who possess not only the technical skills but also the creativity and drive essential in this field. We encourage all aspiring concept artists to embrace this opportunity and look forward to witnessing a diverse array of imaginative and innovative portfolios.

We aim to cultivate a community of learners who are passionate, driven, and eager to push the boundaries of what is possible in concept art. We warmly invite all prospective candidates to embark on this exciting journey with New3dge and look forward to helping shape the future of concept art education!