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Game Art - 3D Animation - VFX

Student showcase

Explore the 'Portrait' section to see the tangible progress of our students throughout their time with us. This section provides a straightforward before-and-after comparison, demonstrating their skill development over the course. Additionally, you'll find personal testimonials from students, offering insights into their experiences and feedback on the school.

  • " Excellent teachers who are ultimately true industry professionals, an open-minded education focused on developing your personal strengths, as well as a great environment and motivated classmates who push you to do your best, made New3dge the choice I would make again to become a professional concept artist. "

    Samuel Amar

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " New3dge is the perfect place to pursue the concept art career. It provides you with great facilities and with instructors that are industry professionals and are up to date to workflows and industry standards. Another huge contributor to this amazing experience is the group of students alongside you that will help and inspire you everyday "

    José Ramirez

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " New3dge is an incredible school, which has allowed me to progress enormously and in a very short time. The school provides a great environment to progress and prepares you very seriously to work in the industry. It was also a chance for me to meet some amazing people who are now great friends and colleagues. "

    Jonathan Bertaud

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " The concept art classes at New3dge have allowed me to progress to the point where I can easily break into the industry of my dreams! The teachers are all equally talented and prepare us well for the professional world. I've met great people and the school atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming, it feels like home! "

    Guillaume Bidault

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " The concept art curriculum offers a complete program with professional teachers working in the industry to teach us everything we need to know to be a concept artist. I already learned a lot about differents processes to develop and achieve a project, improved my design and learned to use new technologies such as Virtual Reality. The small number of students and the amount of feedbacks we can get allows us to get better much faster. "

    Farah MERAND

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " This amazing class supervised by the best concept artists in the industry will produce the next great talents of tomorrow. Thanks a lot to the team behind this class, it's a dream come true right here in France. "

    Valentin PEROUELLE

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • " New3dge concept art was a valuable experience for me from start to finish. The guidance of the professionals was a good insight on how to work in the industry and we got to learn a wide range of skills as well as hone the ones that we want to focus on. Working alongside my talented classmates has helped me grow as an artist and as a person, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's future artworks! "

    Cyprien Rousson

    New3dge Concept Art student