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Game Art - 3D Animation - VFX


New3dge is an award-winning concept art school based in Paris.
We deliver a wide range of courses to get you ready to enter the AAA concept art industry.

Game Design & Development Schools and Colleges - Production Excellence 2021 - #1 world
Top Concept Art & Illustration Schools and College 2021 #1 World
Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in 2021 - #6 World #1 France
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New3dge Concept Art is born out of the passion for games and films, but also an in-depth understanding of the industries needs.

Since our opening in 2010, we have mastered digital art education and taught proven techniques to our alumni, who are now working across the world, in the video game and film trade.

A wide range of courses to get you ready to enter the AAA concept art industry.

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Learn the art of developing characters with individual identities and personnalities.

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Learn how to design your own environment and the characters that live in it.

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Use color and light​ to create compelling designs and concept art.

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Get your environment designs to the next level with storytelling, lighting intentions, etc.

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Concept with VR using Oculus Rift S, and modelling with Medium & Gravity Sketch.

and many more…

Our Educators

School year 2022

Learn from the world’s most influential concept-artists of the game and film industry. They’ll teach you the techniques and mindset you’ll need to succeed

Student showcase

Each year, the class is made up of the 20 best applications we’ve received. Get inspired working side by side with talented classmates


Our 2 year concept art program

The first year is dedicated to building the fundamentals, learning software, such as blender, zbrush, and the different VR softwares and of course all this is accompanied by theoretical and practical courses on deisgn, which is the key element to become a concept artist.

The second year is more oriented towards group projects or portfolio building courses, which allow our students to find themselves in a professional setting, led by artists with more than ten years of experience in the industry, such as Jason Horley, supervising Art Director at ILM or Nils Carstens, who is the creative lead at Karakter studio...

At the end of the year, our students create a graduation project that they present to a jury of industry professionals who are there to hire them.

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Clear pricing

15,000€ per school year, no hidden costs

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Campus in Paris

15 min walk from the Eiffel Tower

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Classes in English

All our courses are dispensed in English

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World class educators

Learn from the best concept-artists in the industry

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20 students per class

Our unique working environment maximises student’s success


1800m2 dedicated to your talent

Located just near the Eiffel Tower, our modern facilities are filled with state-of-the-art materials.

Each student has access to a plein air oil painting kit and a personal workstation including a Wacom Intuos Pro, Oculus headsets and industry-standard softwares needed to create concept art.

Our campus houses cutting-edge technologies such as the latest entertainment materials, fiber-optic internet, data servers, render farms, motion capture studios, Black Magic cameras, and more…

Our students get hired by the biggest players of the video game and cinema industry

Want to join us ? Discover our 3 steps application process

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Portfolio Review

Send us your online portfolio, we will review it and inform you if it’s been approved. At this stage, we look for your understanding of fundamentals and design.

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Art test : the brief

You’ll have a specific brief and deadline. We’re looking to see how you work under pressure. Deliverables are a composition, an environment design and a character design.

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If you’re selected, then we’ll conduct a final interview in English, in Paris or through Skype. What we’re looking for here is drive, a good mentality and team spirit.

The light is on you

Discover what it’s like to be a student at New3dge by applying for our 2 year concept art program

  • « The concept art curiculum offers a complete program with professional teachers working in the industry to teach us everything we need to know to be a concept artist. I aleady learned a lot about differents processes to develop and achieve a project, improved my design and learned to use new technologies such as Virtual Reality.

    The small number of students and the amount of feedbacks we can get allows us to get better much faster. »

    Farah MERAND

    Farah MERAND

    New3dge Concept Art student


  • « This amazing class supervised by the best concept artist in the industry will produce the next great talents of tomorrow.
    Thanks a lot to the team behind this class, it's a dream come true right here in France. »

    Valentin PEROUELLE

    New3dge Concept Art student

    Axis Studio

  • « New3dge is the perfect place to pursuit the concept art career. It provides you with great facilities and with instructors that are industry professionals and are up to date to workflows and industry standards. Another huge contributor to this amazing experience is the group of students along side you that will help and inspire you everyday »

    José Ramirez

    New3dge Concept Art student

    One Pixel Brush

  • « New3dge concept art program is a very serious and rich with content and different approaches learning experience. With our group we had amazing instructors, who shared their techniques and approaches for creating concepts. The program provides access to real professionals who work in different of styles and fields- games, animation, films. That’s cool because each student can have a good understanding of the role of Concept artist in entertainment industry. Plus it’s a big pleasure- growing together with your classmates under the wing of true professionals! »

    Leonid ALEKSEEV

    New3dge Concept Art student

    Ubisoft Paris

  • «Excellent teachers who are ultimately true industry professionals, an open-minded education focused on developing your personal strengths, as well as a great environment and motivated classmates who push you to do your best, made New3dge the choice I would make again to become a professional concept artist.»

    Samuel Amar

    New3dge Concept Art student

    ENVAR Studio

  • «New3dge is an incredible school, which has allowed me to progress enormously and in a very short time. The school provides a great environment to progress and prepares you very seriously to work in the industry. It was also a chance for me to meet some amazing people who are now great friends and colleagues.»

    Jonathan Bertaud

    New3dge Concept Art student

    Chromatic studio