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13 Rue Rosenwald, 75015 Paris
Game Art - 3D Animation - VFX

Jens Claessens

Character Design

Antwerp, Belgium

About Jens

Jens Claessens has built a stellar career as a versatile and skilled artist, having worked with some of the most renowned studios in the industry such as Quantic Dream, Axis, Massive Black, and Gearbox.
He has honed his skills across multiple projects, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel in any creative environment. His impressive body of work encompasses diverse styles and genres, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences around the globe.
As an educator, Jens Claessens inspires the next generation of artists, sharing his wealth of knowledge and passion for the craft. His dedication to nurturing new talent is evident in the lasting impact he leaves on his students. The combination of his industry experience and natural teaching ability make Jens a truly exceptional mentor and a valuable asset to the world of art and design.


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