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13 Rue Rosenwald, 75015 Paris
Game Art - 3D Animation - VFX

Lea Pinto


Paris, France

About Lea

Lea Pinto’s impressive career spans across some of the most prestigious studios in the industry, including Sony Picture Animation, Pinkman.tv, PlayStation Studios, and Afterman. Some of her project includes, Jibaro for Love Death and Robots, Yellowbird for HBOMAX, Fire Again – Valorant. Her signature style of stylized art has left an indelible mark on countless films and games, captivating audiences worldwide. A true master of her craft, Lea’s passion for creating visually stunning and imaginative worlds is reflected in every project she touches. Her ability to blend the fantastical with the familiar has earned her a reputation as a visionary artist, seamlessly weaving together complex narratives with breathtaking visuals.



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